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James Proctor

James Proctor

James Proctor is the Managing Director for The Inteq Group, Inc., and author of Mastering Business Chaos. He frequently lectures on business strategy, innovation and business transformation and serves on the board of commercial and non-profit organizations. Proctor is the author of Inteq’s acclaimed Business Analysis training series - reaching over 300,000 business and I.T. professionals worldwide.

Recent Posts

The Quantum Dynamics of the Current State of a Business Process

The focus of today’s post is the quantum dynamics of the current state of a business process.
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A Fatal Rookie Mistake: Understanding a Process vs Improving a Process

A fatal rookie mistake that business analysts (BAs) sometimes make is conflating mapping and understanding the current state of a business processes with identifying candidate opportunities to ...
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Yes indeed, there are stupid questions (in business analysis)!

There is an expression “there are no stupid questions.” I disagree. In the world of business analysis there are indeed stupid questions. And in the context of business analysis, I define a stupid ...
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BPMN vs. Business Analysis

BPMN as a Notational Standard Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is an excellent symbolic notational standard to visually depict business processes (work activities, workflows, decision ...
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Cost Optimization Initiatives: 10 Best Practices

Operating at high levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and agility are essential to success in today’s fast-moving, rapidly changing, highly completive business environment. Cost optimization is a ...
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Cost Optimization vs. Cost Cutting: The distinction is crucial!

Cost optimization and cost cutting are not the same thing. The distinction is crucial to creating (vs. diminishing) customer and business value. I speak with many C-level and senior leadership team ...
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