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Business Transformation & Operational Excellence

The Quantum Dynamics of the Current State of a Business Process

The focus of today’s post is the quantum dynamics of the current state of a business process.
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A Fatal Rookie Mistake: Understanding a Process vs Improving a Process

A fatal rookie mistake that business analysts (BAs) sometimes make is conflating mapping and understanding the current state of a business processes with identifying candidate opportunities to ...
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Yes indeed, there are stupid questions (in business analysis)!

There is an expression “there are no stupid questions.” I disagree. In the world of business analysis there are indeed stupid questions. And in the context of business analysis, I define a stupid ...
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BPMN vs. Business Analysis

BPMN as a Notational Standard Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is an excellent symbolic notational standard to visually depict business processes (work activities, workflows, decision ...
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Cost Optimization Initiatives: 10 Best Practices

Operating at high levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and agility are essential to success in today’s fast-moving, rapidly changing, highly completive business environment. Cost optimization is a ...
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Cost Optimization vs. Cost Cutting: The distinction is crucial!

Cost optimization and cost cutting are not the same thing. The distinction is crucial to creating (vs. diminishing) customer and business value. I speak with many C-level and senior leadership team ...
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