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Today’s rapidly changing business environment favors high-performing agile organizations capable of delivering extraordinary customer and business value.

Meeting this challenge often requires transformative change - and sustainable on-going improvement in business processes, organizational culture and supporting technologies.

The Inteq Group is uniquely qualified to assist your organization with this challenge.

Inteq specializes in business transformation – including strategy execution, business process reengineering, IT Modernization, and business analysis consulting and training for business and I.T. professionals.

Our clients include commercial and governmental organizations across the spectrum of industries and business functions - including financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, distribution, insurance, public utilities, government, healthcare, education, entertainment and media.

Over 300,000 business and IT professionals worldwide have attend Inteq’s elite series of business analysis training programs.

Inteq’s BPR360/Framework and Inteq’s MoDA/Framework provide the conceptual and tactical blueprint for business transformation. The frameworks have emerged as the global standard for delivering speed, quality and agility analysis and have been adopted by organizations around the world.

Inteq’s extensive repository of industry templates and best practice reference models represent decades of business knowledge, continually updated and refined, that we then leverage to deliver highly effective training programs and professional services.

Eight Reasons why Inteq

Is the Global Leader in Business and Systems Analysis

Inteq is a trusted partner; a partner that works in your best interest to deliver the highest quality services. Over 300,000 business and IT professionals worldwide have chosen Inteq for their business and systems analysis training. When organizations around the world require professional services, they choose Inteq.

#1 Business Value

Business value is a driving force at Inteq. Our consulting approaches, methods and frameworks are engineered to provide practical and actionable results that create immediate and sustainable business value for client organizations.

#2 Professionalism

We clearly understand that we are guests working in your business space with your people. Our trainers and consultants are professionals who exercise discretion and good judgment in client matters and working with client personnel.

#3 Reputation

Inteq has earned the reputation as a firm that delivers practical solutions on-time, on-scope and on-budget. We have an extensive list of satisfied clients ranging from Fortune 500 to emerging growth companies across the spectrum of industries, as well as government organizations worldwide.

#4 Experience

Our professionals are seasoned, hands-on practitioners with substantial business and industry expertise. We skillfully apply a wide range of best practices embodied in Inteq’s MoDA/Framework™.

#5 Business Relationships

Every client relationship is important to us. While we assist many clients with large and complex projects, many of those relationships began with training programs and smaller consulting assignments. Our business is built on long-term client relationships and referrals.

#6 Esprit de Corps

Inteq trainers and consultants are dedicated to their profession. We enjoy and take pride practicing our tradecraft. We are sincerely dedicated to doing the job right. Quality and customer satisfaction matter to us.

#7 Objectivity

Inteq is privately held and is not under pressure from Wall Street or Sand Hill Road to make the "quarterly numbers." We only select projects for which we are exceptionally well qualified.

#8 Extensive Repository

Inteq’s extensive repository of industry templates and reference models (consisting of process maps, activity diagrams, data models, and state transition diagrams) represents refined business knowledge that we have developed over decades of experience.

Our professionals leverage this business knowledge to deliver highly effective training programs and professional services.

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