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Advanced Data Modeling:
Engaging Cross-Enterprise Business Rules

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Inteq’s Advanced Data Modeling training course provides participants with the deep knowledge, critical thinking skills and experienced judgment to successfully engage cross-enterprise business rules and requirements.

The concept of “engaging” business rules and requirements transcends the three core concepts of analysis – identification, analysis and specification of business rules and requirements (all of which are essential building blocks of enterprise analysis).

Inteq's Advanced Data Modeling training course enables participants to move beyond project specific rules and requirements to abstracting and generalizing the rules and requirements to enable cross-enterprise solutions.

This requires highly evolved critical thinking skills to understand the essence of business rules and requirements; and requires sophisticated judgment to discern and make essential distinctions between unique localized (departmental, project specific) rules and requirements and the requirements applicable across the enterprise.

“Engagement” requires the translation of the rules and requirements into logical data structures at the right level of abstractions to enable flexible, extensive, robust solutions that can rapidly adapt as business rules and requirements continually change.

Inteq’s Advanced Data Modeling training course is about business analysis to support enterprise business solutions - not about the nuances of a specific physical database design.

Advanced Data Modeling’s concepts apply across a wide range of initiatives from modernization of existing systems, development of new systems, implementation of vendor ERP solutions and business process reengineering.

The concepts in this course are based on years of best practices gleaned from the spectrum of industries and subject matter domains across commercial and public sectors. It’s your roadmap for engaging cross-enterprise business rules enabling enterprise-level solutions.

The courses comprising Inteq's Business Analyst Series are IIBA approved in connection with business analyst certification as part of IIBA’s Certified Business Analyst Professional requirements.

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Course outline

Introduction and Foundation

Cross enterprise analysis

Model driven analysis

Baseline data patterns

Complex data patterns

Abstraction & Generalization

Generalization of entity types

Transition from meta-data to data

Static vs. dynamic entity types

Data coupling and cohesion

Advanced Data Patterns

Advanced subtype variations

Multi-recursive networks

Conditional recursions

Rules-based entity types

State transition rules

Meta patterns

Enterprise Requirements Analysis

Analyzing meta-data for abstractions

Sequencing requirements analysis

Developing cohesive subject areas

Developing model flexibility

Case Study

Participants analyze a complex business case and create a detailed logical data model utilizing a variety of advanced patterns and analysis techniques. This session provides invaluable hands-on experience in applying the techniques to enable participants to immediately apply the techniques effectively within their own organization.

Best Practices and Practical Tips

Conceptual v. logical data model

Logical to physical transformation

Business rule discovery techniques

Enterprise reference models

Putting the concepts into practice

Who Should Attend?
  • Business and systems analysts
  • Data modelers
  • Data architects and DBAs
  • BI requirements analysts
  • Project managers
  • Developers
  • IT professionals and subject matter experts focused on cross-enterprise data-oriented business rules and requirements
Inteq's Logical Data Modeling training course. 
Learning Options:
  • Anytime eLearning™: Anytime | Anywhere | Any Device | Self-Paced
  • Live: Inteq’s Advanced Data Modeling 2-day training course can be tailored to your organization’s training objectives and can be combined with other Inteq courses to create a 3, 4 and 5-day hybrid training program.
  • Enterprise training for the entire organization.
Course Length:
  • The course is designed for two days, but Anytime eLearning™ allows self-paced learning.
  • Participants can revisit material to reinforce concepts.
  • The course must be completed within 45 days, with most participants finishing in 1-3 weeks.

Individual Training | Enroll Today

Anytime eLearning™ $995 $695 Per Participant
16 PDUs | 1.6 CEUs


Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device.
Self Paced. 2-Day Course. 45-Day Access

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a Training Coordinator.

Customized Team Training


"The visual diagrams for data modeling and case study portions of this class were so helpful in better understanding data modeling concepts."

"The instructor included real world examples that were relatable and helped with understanding and applying the techniques."

"Excellent data modeling class! The pattern identification portion of this class was extremely helpful for me."

"The visual diagrams for data modeling and case study portions of this class were so helpful in better understanding data modeling concepts."

"The instructor included real world examples that were relatable and helped with understanding and applying the techniques."

"Excellent data modeling class! The pattern identification portion of this class was extremely helpful for me."

What's Included

  • Digital Badge of Completion
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion
  • ACCET Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • IIBA Professional Development Units (PDUs)
  • Electronic Comprehensive Course Manual
  • Supplemental Course Materials
Advanced Data Modeling Badge Final

Accreditation & Professional Affiliation

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Register and start training as soon as today! Or, contact us for details at info@inteqgroup.com or 800.719.4627 to discuss your business analysis training objectives and how Inteq's Business Systems Analysis training can help you in achieving those objectives.

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