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Transforming a Hero Culture: Netflix's Radical Transparency

I just read a fascinating Wall Street Journal article regarding the Netflix culture: “At Netflix, Radical Transparency and Blunt Firings Unsettle the Ranks.”* Clearly, Reed Hastings is doing an incredible job as CEO of Netflix and I commend him on successful execution of a complex growth strategy.  However, I predict that the physics of business will come into line as the growth curve flattens. 

As the growth curve flattens, Netflix will begin to transform from an entrepreneurial hero culture to an operating company culture.  To be sure, it will transform to a high performing operating company, but the staffing mix will change at all levels.  Staff of a high performing operating company culture will be less inclined to embrace radial transparency, blunt firings and many of the other hallmarks of Netflix current hero culture.

I encourage you to read the Netflix article and then download my whitepaper Transforming a Hero Culture.  I look forward to your comments.

* If you click on the link to the Netflix article and you are requested by the Wall Street Journal to login or if you receive the message “The document you requested either no longer exists or is not currently available”, then navigate to wsj.com and search for “Netflix”, click on the symbol NFLX and then scroll down to the article date 10/25/18.

James Proctor

James Proctor

James Proctor is the Director of Professional Services for The Inteq Group, Inc. and author of Mastering Business Chaos. He frequently lectures on business strategy, innovation and business transformation and serves on the board of commercial and non-profit organizations. Proctor is the author of Inteq’s acclaimed Business Analysis training series - reaching over 300,000 business and I.T. professionals worldwide. Proctor developed Inteq’s MoDA/Framework™ and Inteq’s BPR360/Framework™ - which have been adopted as a standard for business analysis by organizations around the world. In his book, Mastering Business Chaos, he reveals secret patterns he has discovered in thousands of client interactions ranging from Fortune 500 to emerging growth companies and government agencies throughout the spectrum of industry. The Inteq Group is a team of top industry professionals that provide business analysis training and consulting services, application software development services, and big data solutions to commercial and governmental organizations worldwide. Proctor has a B.S. in Industrial Management and Operations Research and an MBA in Information Technology from Indiana University. He started his career with the firm of Ernst and Young (formerly, Ernst and Whinney) with their consulting group in Dallas and specialized in the aerospace, financial services, manufacturing and defense industries.