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Business Transformation & Operational Excellence

How We Create Value For Our Clients


Everything you need to execute your business strategy, build business processes and modernize enterprise systems.

Today’s rapidly changing business environment favors high-performing agile organizations capable of delivering extraordinary customer and business value.

Meeting this challenge often requires transformative change - and sustainable on-going improvement in business processes, organizational culture and supporting technologies.

The Inteq Group is uniquely qualified to assist your organization with this challenge.

Training Courses

Business analysis training - including best practice skills, techniques, and methods that you and your team can immediately apply to projects and initiatives across your organization.

Management Consulting

High-intensity, short-duration, tightly scoped sprints customized to meet your specific business analysis objectives.
Business Systems Analyst and Business Process Reengineering with Inteq Group

Business Value

Business value is a driving force at Inteq. Our consulting approaches, methods and frameworks are engineered to provide practical and actionable results that create immediate and sustainable business value for client organizations.
Business Process Analysis and Modeling and Process Reengineering


We clearly understand that we are guests working in your business space with your people. Our trainers and consultants are professionals who exercise discretion and good judgment in client matters and working with client personnel.
IT Business Analyst Training Course and Process Reengineering


Inteq has earned the reputation as a firm that delivers practical solutions on-time, on-scope and on-budget. We have an extensive list of satisfied clients ranging from Fortune 500 to emerging growth companies across the spectrum of industries, as well as government organizations worldwide.
Certification Course for System Analyst and Business Process Reengineering


Our professionals are seasoned, hands-on practitioners with substantial business and industry expertise. We skillfully apply a wide range of best practices embodied in Inteq’s MoDA/Framework™.
Business Systems Analyst Certification and Business Process Modeling

Business Relationships

Every client relationship is important to us. While we assist many clients with large and complex projects, many of those relationships began with training programs and smaller consulting assignments. Our business is built on long-term client relationships and referrals.
Business Systems Analyst Certification and Process Reengineering

Esprit de Corps

Inteq trainers and consultants are dedicated to their profession. We enjoy and take pride practicing our tradecraft. We are sincerely dedicated to doing the job right. Quality and customer satisfaction matter to us.
Business Process Transformation and Business Systems Analysis


Inteq is privately held and is not under pressure from Wall Street or Sand Hill Road to make the "quarterly numbers." We only select projects for which we are exceptionally well qualified.
Business Process Improvement Training Courses

Extensive Repository

Inteq’s extensive repository of industry templates and reference models (consisting of process maps, activity diagrams, data models, and state transition diagrams) represents refined business knowledge that we have developed over decades of experience.

Business Systems Analysis and Process Reengineering

What Clients Say

The training incorporated real life examples with personal stories that kept us engaged - explaining how, when, and why to use certain analysis techniques, not just overloading us with 1000 different techniques.  This class has made us feel empowered rather than overwhelmed. The training was well structured with excellent handouts that won’t sit in the cabinet collecting dust!

American Airlines
I've never seen this material distilled so well and related so completely to the day to day tasks of understanding and analyzing a business.

The core concepts were great and the exercises really brought the concepts home and allowed us to connect to our day-to-day work.  Excellent class!

Sharp Community Medical Group
Really enjoyed the training….already proving to be useful in my current project. James was engaging and very informative.  I would say this was the best use of training funds that I have spent in my nine years here at Kansas State.
Kansas State University

Thank you for the training... The content was very professional, substantive and many, many, many takeaways that can be practically applied in the workplace. In my opinion, from the years I have been here and taken classes, Integroup is the starship enterprise 😊. I look forward to future courses.

Government Financial Services Organization