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Soft Skills Training Overview

Soft Skills Training Soft skills, sometimes referred to as “professional skills”, are the essential enablers of business analysis - independent of technical or industry specific skills and knowledge.

Soft skills are extremely valuable to any organization - and are often in short supply.

Stakeholders at every level of the organization rely on thorough, objective, accurate business analysis and the resulting business requirements and supporting business cases for decisions regarding changes in business processes and business systems.

A standardized consistently applied best-practice approach for the elicitation of requirements, the application of critical thinking to analysis and development and communication of effective business cases is essential to decision making. Unfortunately, sub-optimal decisions and missed (or misaligned) opportunities are far too frequent.

Soft Skills for business and I.T. Professionals results in better, faster business and IT decisions – with increased agility that balances the allocation of time, budget, talent and risk among alternatives and with competing opportunities and priorities.

Inteq’s Soft Skills training provides business and IT professionals with the elicitation, critical thinking, decision making, business case and communication skills, techniques and methods to engage stakeholders at all levels across the enterprise.

The concepts and content of this course is based on years of best practices gleaned from thousands of business analysis interactions across the spectrum of industries and subject matter domains across the commercial and public sectors. It’s your roadmap for developing enterprise-level professional skills.

Why are soft skills so valuable?

  • Business is increasingly complex, rapidly changing and chaotic. Getting "buy in" and support from a wide range of stakeholders is critical.
  • Organizations are lean. No one seems to know "the business" - only pieces.
  • Access to knowledgeable subject matter experts is increasingly difficult.
  • Projects often span multiple business areas with different, sometimes conflicting, business practices – often resulting in an endless chain of references to "someone who knows".
  • Business is fast paced. Everyone needs a solution “now”!
  • There never seems to be enough time to get it right. However, there is little tolerance for getting it wrong.

Inteq's Soft Skills is a highly interactive high-energy training program. It’s specifically designed to enable you and your organization to succeed in today's rapidly changing, complex chaotic business environment.

Inteq's Soft Skills training course has emerged as the gold standard for professional-level business analysis training - and is simply the most effective soft skills training available in the industry.
Inteq's Soft Skills training is more than education; it's transformation - for the participants, project teams and their organizations.

That’s why over 300,000 business and IT professionals worldwide choose Inteq's business analysis training courses - Including Inteq's Soft Skills training course.

Key Skills & Techniques that You Will Learn:

• Clearly define business problems and related opportunities
• Proven techniques for discovering and mining deep business knowledge
• Facilitation and elicitation techniques that enable you to fully engage subject matter experts
• Critical thinking skills to clearly define and rapidly resolve business questions
• Develop, validate and clearly communicate effective business cases
• Navigate the political and cultural roadblocks that impede high quality analysis
• Respond rather that react to problems
• Proven techniques for generating and evaluating ideas
• Rapidly make effective critical decisions
• … and much more

What is the Next Step?

Inteq's business and systems analysis training courses are available via Anytime eLearning™ and private group training onsite at your locations worldwide or via our live virtual classroom.

Register and start training as soon as today! Or, contact us for details at or 800.719.4627 to discuss your business analysis training objectives and how Inteq's Business Systems Analysis training can help you in achieving those objectives.

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