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Overview of Solution Workshops

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A solution workshop is a high-intensity, short-duration, tightly scoped program that is outcome-oriented and customized to meet the client’s specific needs. Solution workshops are designed to create maximum value from your projects and initiatives in the minimum amount of time.

We have filtered out the noise and identified and distilled the best practice techniques, methods, and frameworks applicable to the mission of your workshop based on years of hands-on real-world experience.

Working with your team, we provide our experience and expertise to immediately create massive value in a highly compressed time frame. That is our value. That is why organizations engage Inteq to conduct solution workshops.

A solution workshop is typically conducted over 2-3 weeks depending on the scope of the workshop. Each workshop includes a balanced mix of:

  • Work session prework by workshop participants and Inteq consultants prior to the initiation of the live portion of the workshop.
  • Intensive live work sessions, facilitated by Inteq, with your team (subject matter experts, management and leadership) to develop actionable outcomes and deliverables.
  • Post work session forward planning to enable workshop participants to successfully use, apply and integrate the workshop deliverables and outcomes into associated projects and initiatives.

We offer 18 solution workshops (see links below). Each workshop is customized to the specific needs and objectives of your projects and initiatives.

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Workshop FAQs

Q: What is the difference between a Training Course and a Solution Workshop?

A: Our training courses provide you and your team with professional level business analysis tools, techniques, methods, skills, and best practices that you and your team can immediately apply to business analysis initiatives in your organization.

Solution workshops are a high-intensity, short-duration, tightly scoped sprint customized to meet your specific business analysis objectives. Inteq professionals work with your team of SMEs, decision makers, and specialists, via facilitated sessions, to rapidly develop deliverables and facilitate actionable outcomes for your initiatives.

Q: Are the tools (frameworks, checklists, templates, etc.) used in the workshops available to workshop participants to continue to use and apply post workshop?

A: Yes, workshop participants and your organization are free to use and apply as well as modify the tools used in the workshop to support current and future projects and initiatives.

Q: What is the next step in moving forward with a solution workshop?

A: Let’s start a conversion to discuss your needs and objectives. Please contact us using the form above.