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Business Process Mapping:
Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Consulting Services 

Mapping Business Processes IconBusiness process maps (current and future state), including work activities, workflows, decision points, procedures, etc., are the foundation for analyzing business processes and identifying improvement opportunities.

The focus of a process mapping project sprint is on rapidly and accurately mapping the current state of the processes within the scope of the initiative. Business processes are mapped in weeks rather than months.

Current state maps are developed and validated in weeks rather than months!

Consulting Approach and Deliverables

Working with your team, we provide our deep BPR experience and expertise, including best practice tools, techniques, and methods, to facilitate high-intensity, short-duration, sprints to rapidly and accurately capture the current state of your organization’s business processes. 

Deliverables include: 

  • Identification of processes and subprocesses within the scope of the initiative. 
  • Process maps that visually depict and define: 
    • The work activities that comprise the business processes 
    • The business process workflows (activities, relationships, and workflow rules) 
    • Underlying procedures and rules of work activities.
    • Resource roles performing the work activities. 
    • Systems supporting the work activities and workflows. 
    • Alignment of work activities to organizational functions.
  • Identification of current state performance metrics 
  • Glossary of terms and concepts associated with the processes. 
Who from your team should participate?

Business process mapping typically includes a balanced mix of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), business analysts and systems analysts, developers (associated with the business systems supporting the processes), supervisors and managers and other stakeholders with knowledge of the current state of the business processes.


Q: What notation is used for mapping business processes?

A: We use Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). The are several industry standard notations for mapping business processes. However, BPMN is the predominant standard. If your organization uses another standard, it’s straightforward to convert BPMN to any other industry standard.

Q: Do you use a tool for process mapping?

A: There a many excellent vendor tools designed to support business process mapping. However, in the workshops, we use Visio with a shape template designed for BPMN. This enables the team to rapidly map processes without the constraints of a specific vendor tool.

Business Process Mapping

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