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Closing Strategic Gaps:
Mapping Strategic Objectives to Operational Objectives
Strategy Execution Consulting Services 

Closing Strategic Gaps IconYour organization has a strategic plan. However, simply having a strategic plan doesn’t guarantee strategic success. Organizations often fail to achieve strategic objectives and goals within the time frame specified by the strategic plan. 

Creating strategic alignment consulting enables project participants to validate their understanding of enterprise strategic objectives and priorities, ensure clarity of the organizational context, and seek alignment among and between the layers of the organizational structure. 

The two key reasons that organizations often fail to achieve strategic objectives and goals within the time frame specified by the strategic plan are: 

  1. Different business units or functions often have different interpretations of the strategy and which enterprise level objectives take priority. This leads to business units or functions failing to synchronize their activities and priorities with enterprise level objectives. The result is a lack of integration and the synergy necessary to achieve the enterprise level objectives.

  2. Layers within a business or functional group may have objectives or incentives that are misaligned with each other and/or with enterprise strategic priorities.  This misalignment is generally driven by different interpretations of what those functional or strategic priorities happen to be. 

Alignment and organizational context are the foundation for successful execution of strategy. Creating strategic alignment project sprints enable your organization to achieve alignment objectives in weeks rather than months! 

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Key questions that are addressed in the workshop include:
  • How is the plan being executed at the enterprise, operational and tactical layers of your organizational structure to achieve the strategic objectives of the plan? 
  • Is the organizational leadership team, divisional/business unit management, and functional level management aligned in their understanding of the strategic plan? 
  • Does each of these groups understand the plan in the context of their layer of the organizational structure? 
  • Are we aligned to win in our environment? 
Consulting Approach and Deliverables

Working with your team, we provide our deep strategy execution experience and expertise, including best practice tools, techniques, and methods, to facilitate high-intensity, short-duration, sprints to rapidly create strategic alignment across the organization. 

Deliverables include: 

  • Analyze the strategic plan to ensure a common understanding of the plan among the workshop participants; and 
  • Perform tangible future analysis - a structured approach to identifying and quantifying your strategic context across multiple domains - customers, products and services, operations/processes, technologies, etc. to identify gaps in strategic alignment. 
Who from your team should participate?

Creating strategic alignment typically includes a balanced mix of decision makers responsible for executing strategy within each layer of the organization. For example, an organization's C-level and senior leadership team, and/or divisional/business unit leadership and management, and/or functional/department management. 

Each layer has different roles, responsibilities, objectives, and risks with respect to strategy execution. Each consulting project sprint is tailored to the specific organization and to the organizational layer represented by the participants.

Closing Strategic Gaps

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