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Positioning the Integration Team for Success:
Merger Integration Consulting Services 

Positioning the Team for Success IconResearch indicates that more than 50% of merger integrations fail to deliver a positive return on value. Integrations that deliver positive value often fail to meet leadership’s stated value objectives. Thorough preparation for integration is foundational to optimizing the value and time-to-value of the integration. 

It’s essential that the integration team, prior to (or immediately after) closing the “deal”, establish the appropriate integration strategy and guiding principles for the integration, identify the value drivers and metrics for success, address key strategic questions and identify the vision for the completed integration. 

Positioning the integration team for success is the first critical steps in the merger integration planning process. Positioning the integration team for success is accomplished in weeks rather than months! 

Consulting Approach and Deliverables

Working with your team, we provide our deep merger integration experience and expertise, including best practice tools, techniques, and methods, to facilitate high-intensity, short-duration, sprints to rapidly and accurately position the integration team for success. 

Deliverables include: 

  • Development of the integration strategy to be utilized. 
  • Capture the integration guiding principles. 
  • Identification of the value drivers and rationale for the deal. 
  • Answers to key strategic questions. 
  • Identification of the scope and extent of the integration. 
  • Identify the “non-negotiables”. 
  • Define the end state vision and expected timeline
Who from your team should participate?

Positioning the integration team for success typically includes a balanced mix of decision makers responsible for leading the post-merger integration as well as functional personnel within each layer of the organization who are expected to play a key part in the integration.  

For example, work sessions could include the organization's C-level and senior leadership team, or divisional/business unit leadership and management, or functional/department management along with those individuals selected to work within an Integration Management Office framework. 

Each layer has different roles, responsibilities, objectives, and risks with respect to integration planning and execution. Work sessions are tailored to the specific organization and to the organizational layer represented by the participants.

Positioning the Integration

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