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Business Process Analysis:
Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Consulting Services 

Analyzing Business Processes IconAnalyzing business processes and identifying opportunities to improve business processes requires a solid understating of the current state of the business functions and process within the scope of the initiative, the underlying supporting technologies and the organization’s strategic objectives.

As part of our best practice framework and method we analyze business processes from multiple perspectives: pain point analysis, KPI gap analysis, strategic gap analysis, technical gap analysis, root cause analysis, and critical question analysis. Working with your team we identify and analyze opportunities to improve the end-to-end effectiveness, efficiency and agility of in-scope business processes.

Business processes improvement opportunities are identified and analyzed in weeks rather than months! 

Consulting Approach and Deliverables

Working with your team, we provide our deep BPR experience and expertise, including best practice tools, techniques, and methods, to facilitate high-intensity, short-duration, sprints to rapidly achieve the objectives your business process analysis of the initiatives. 

Deliverables include: 

  • Analyzing processes from multiple perspectives. 
  • Identifying, defining and validating specific actionable (practical, implementable, etc.) candidate improvements to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and/or agility of the in-scope processes opportunities to improve the processes. 
  • A mapping (cross reference) of the candidate improvements to the opportunities and a mapping of the candidate improvements to the current state work activities and workflows. 
Who from your team should participate?

Business process analysis typically includes a balance mix of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), business analysts and systems analysts, developers (associated with the business systems supporting the processes), supervisors and managers and other stakeholders with knowledge of the current state of the business processes and future state objectives. 

Business Process Analysis

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Why Inteq



Inteq is privately held and is not under pressure from Wall Street or Sand Hill Road to make the "quarterly numbers."



Inteq has earned the reputation as a firm that delivers practical solutions on-time, on-scope and on-budget.


Business Value

Business value is a driving force at Inteq. Our consulting approaches, methods and frameworks are engine.



We clearly understand that we are guests working in your business space with your people.



Our professionals are seasoned, hands-on practitioners with substantial business and industry expertise.


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Every client relationship is important to us. We assist many clients with large and complex projects.

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