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Process Mapping | Business Rules | Measurement & Metrics | Gap & Root Cause Analysis
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Business Process Modeling Training Overview

Organizations today operate in a complicated, complex, rapidly changing globally competitive business environment.

Business processes and supporting business systems need to continually change and adapt to keep pace. Business processes, however, in many cases evolve informally, ad-hoc and slowly.

The result is that many business processes are a tangled web of inefficient work activities, ambiguous policies and legacy procedures that consume resources and impede performance.

These same processes, unfortunately, often provide the source for business systems requirements - requirements that reflect legacy business rules that that constrain, rather than improve, business processes.

Business Process Modeling provides analysts with the best practice techniques and methods to coherently map, accurately measure and thoroughly analyze business processes and work activities across the organization.

This deep level of engagement provides the foundation for identifying improvements and developing effective, efficient, agile forward-facing business processes and supporting systems.

Business Process Modeling transforms business analysts into high-impact professionals - professionals that connect with the business stakeholders, discover and rapidly assimilate deep business knowledge, critically analyze and challenge existing processes and deliver substantial ROI from analysis.

Inteq's Business Process Modeling training course is seamlessly integrated and cohesively organized around Inteq's BPR360/Framework™ - the Conceptual Blueprint for Business Transformation.

Inteq training has emerged as the gold standard for professional business analysis training - and are simply the most effective training programs available in the industry.

Inteq training is more than education; its transformation - for the participants, project teams and their organizations. That’s why over 300,000 business and I.T. professionals worldwide choose Inteq's business analysis training courses.

We Modernize Enterprise Systems for Your Organization

Inteq's Business Systems Analysis is a highly interactive high-energy training program. It’s specifically designed to enable you and your organization to succeed in today's rapidly changing, complex chaotic business environment.

The concepts and content of this course are based on years of best practices gleaned from thousands of business analysis interactions across the spectrum of industries and subject matter domains across the commercial and public sectors. It’s your roadmap for developing enterprise-level professional skills.

Participants in Inteq's Business Systems Analysis training receive a comprehensive course workbook, supplemental materials, and a personalized Certificate of Completion indicating CEU (continuing education unit) credits awarded.

Business Process ModelingTraining Course Outline

Business Process Modeling
  • Overview and Key Concepts
  • Business Processes vs. Functions
  • Scoping Business Processes
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • 5 Essential Business Analysis Questions
  • The Business Process Change Continuum
Business Rules & Requirements
  • Work Activities & Business Rules
  • Deconstructing Work Activities
  • UML Activity Sequence Diagrams
  • Classifying Business Rules
  • Capturing Complexity
  • Identifying Business System Requirements
Business Processes Mapping
  • BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation)
  • The Mechanics of Business Process Mapping
  • Workflow | Business Process Flows
  • Cross Functional Business Processes
  • Mapping Complex Workflows
  • Workflow Patterns
Business Processes Measurement
  • The Framework for Measurement
  • Measurement, Metrics and Indicators
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency Metrics
  • Balanced Score Card
  • Choosing the Right Metrics
  • KPIs | Key Performance Indicators
Business Processes Analysis
  • Identifying & Analyzing Process Gaps
  • Challenging Legacy Business Rules
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Forward Facing Analysis
  • Business Analysis Best Practices
Business Process Modeling Case Study
Participants map, measure and analyze a complex real-world business process case. This case study provides an invaluable template that participants can leverage to jump start business process modeling in their organization.
Business Process Modeling Best Practices
  • Identifying Key Stakeholders
  • Elicitation and Discovering Business Knowledge 
  • Leveraging Analysis via Reference Models
  • Business Analysis Road Map
  • Getting Started
Who Should Attend?
Inteq's Business Process Modeling training course is designed for Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, Business Process Analysts, Project Managers, IT Professionals, Subject Matter Experts and other stakeholders involved with mapping, analyzing and improving business processes.
None. Inteq's Business Process Modeling training course provides a comprehensive and cohesive approach to business process mapping and analysis regardless of background and level of experience.

Business Process Modeling integrates seamlessly with Inteq’s Business Process Management Business Systems Analysis  and Agile Business Analysis training courses.
Learning Options:
Anytime eLearning™: Anytime | Anywhere | Any Device | Self-Paced

Onsite Training: Onsite at your locations worldwide or via our live virtual classroom | Contact us for details.
Course Length:
The course is designed for two full days of training. However, Anytime eLearning™ participants can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Participants to go back and review the material at their own pace and time schedule to reinforce and further internalize the concepts.

Anytime eLearning™ participants have 45-days to complete the course and most participants typically complete the training over 1-3 weeks.
What’s included?
In addition to the world-class training, participants also receive a comprehensive course workbook - which is yours to keep, supplemental materials, a personalized Certificate of Completion and CEU (continuing education unit) credits.

Key Business Process Modeling and Analysis Skills that You will Learn:

  • To quickly and accurately map business processes
  • Techniques to discover and capture deep business knowledge
  • A practical proven framework and roadmap for process analysis
  • To identify both high-value and non-productive work activities
  • Elicitation techniques and business questions that challenge legacy business rules 
  • To identify and analyze forward-facing business requirements across the enterprise
  • To identify and apply metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Techniques to analyze cross-functional hand-offs
  • To identify silos and sources of sub-optimization
  • To identify process gaps and perform root cause analysis
  • Tactics to identify and analyze opportunities for improving business processes

What is the Next Step?

Inteq's business and systems analysis training courses are available via Anytime eLearning™ and private group training onsite at your locations worldwide or via our live virtual classroom.

Register and start training as soon as today! Or, contact us for details at or 800.719.4627 to discuss your business analysis training objectives and how Inteq's Business Systems Analysis training can help you in achieving those objectives.
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10 Perilous Misconceptions of Censuring Current State Mapping & Analysis

10 Perilous Misconceptions of Censuring Current State Mapping & Analysis

This In-Depth 18-Page White Paper Includes:

  • Current State Mapping and Analysis - The Foundation for Business Transformation
  • The 5 Essential Business Analysis Questions
  • The 10 Perilous Misconceptions of Censuring Current State Mapping and Analysis
  • Key Best Practices and Perilous Traps to Avoid
  • Successful Business Transformation and Modernization
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