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Process Reengineering and Digital Transformation Business Process

Business Process Re-engineering

Transforming Business Processes from 360⁰ Across the Enterprise

Business Process Re-engineering Consulting Services

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) results in transformative change. However, transformative BPR is complex and has many interrelated moving parts. Inteq’s team of highly experienced BPR professionals hit the ground running and produce actionable sustainable results quickly.

Inteq brings a cohesive proven approach to Business Process Reengineering through the application of Inteq’s BPR360/Framework™ and associated best practice methods, techniques and deep business knowledge and experience in business process reengineering.

This ensures that changes in business processes, supporting technologies and organizational culture come together synergistically to deliver rapid, on-going and sustainable results.

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Business Process Reengineering with Inteq Group and Business Analyst Process Modeling Video

The Tactical Layer

The tactical layer of an organization is composed of many interrelated work activities, workflows and supporting policies, procedures, technologies and the hands-on staff performing the work activities. The tactical layer is complicated because all of these interrelated elements must work as cohesive processes to create value for an organization.

The Operational Layer

The operational layer of an organization includes the organization structure (functions and reporting hierarchies), the supervisory and managerial roles, and the network of horizontal relationships across the organization. The operational layer of an organization is complex because of the dynamic interactions among and subjective decisions made by the operators (supervisors and managers).

The Strategic Layer

The strategic layer of an organization identifies and analyzes shifts and changes in the business environment – and enables the operational and tactical layers to respond and adapt business to these shifts and changes. Successful organizations create business chaos at the strategic layer of the organization.

Organizations are complicated, complex and chaotic. Organizations that embrace and successfully manage the chaos associated with continual shifts and changes in their business environment thrive regardless of the relentless waves of shifts and changes.

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