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Yes indeed, there are stupid questions (in business analysis)!

There is an expression “there are no stupid questions.” I disagree. In the world of business analysis there are indeed stupid questions. And in the context of business analysis, I define a stupid ...
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Business System Requirements: Custom Build vs. Vendor Product

The purpose of business systems analysis is to identify, analyze and specify business systems requirements for application software solutions that support users and other stakeholders of an ...
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Top 12 Business Analysis Barriers: #1 Limited People Resources

This is the first part of a 12-part blog series regarding the Top 12 Barriers in the Business Analysis Role as identified in a recent survey by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) of ...
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Asking the Right Business Questions Changes Everything

It never ceases to amaze me how asking the right business questions changes everything! Last week while waiting for a flight at Denver’s airport I had breakfast at Elway’s in Concourse B. Elway’s (as ...
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How to Analyze a Business System

In connection with strategy execution, IT modernization and business process reengineering client work I am frequently asked the question: “how do I analyze a business system?” The first thing I do ...
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Business Analyst vs. Business Systems Analyst: What's the Difference?

My post on November 21st, “What is the Role of a Business Analyst,” resulted in many readers requesting that I go deeper into the distinction between a Business Analyst and a Business Systems ...
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