Business Analysis Onsite Training

Business Analysis Onsite TrainingOnsite Training at Your Location (or via our live virtual classroom)

All Inteq training courses are available for group training onsite at your locations worldwide or via our live virtual classroom approach. The group training option utilizes the same curricula and is conducted by the same team of expert instructors as our Anytime eLearning™ training.

The group training option enables us to customer tailor the training to your organization's specific learning objectives and industry nuances.

We can also combine multiple courses into 3, 4 or 5-day hybrid training programs. On-site classroom learning can also be combined with our live virtual classroom eLearning approach to enable remote participants to attend along with their on-site colleagues.

Group training is cost effective with groups as small as 8 participants and can be organized into balanced sessions to train 100+ participants.

Participants also have access, upon completion of the group training, to the Anytime eLearning version of the course for 30 days. This enables participants to go back and review the material at their own pace and time schedule to reinforce and further internalize the concepts.


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