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Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

Social Media Monitoring and Engagement (SMME) enables your organization to proactively: 1) Tune into the social conversation to gain insight into the social sentiment regarding your organization brand, people and products – as well as that of your competitors; 2) Identify industry trends, emerging topics, key influencers and business opportunities; and 3) Engage in the conversation to influence outcomes.

SMME is first and foremost a business process – not a software product. This is an important distinction. The SMME process in any organization are the set of work activities, people and supporting business policies, procedures and tools that are organized, formally or informally, to achieve the organization’s SMME goals and objectives.

As with any business process, the SMME process can begin with implementing some basic concepts and continually evolve as your organization’s level of experience and sophistication increases.

Inteq’s SMME Blueprints include detailed business process maps and the supporting business requirements that enable you to jump-start and/or improve SMME in your organization. Our SMME Blueprint sets are based on industry best practices – independent of vendor products.

Business Talent Acquisition

│ Lead Generation & Validation │ Recruiting & Conversion │


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Enterprise Compliance Management

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Product Configuration Management

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Customer Relationship Management

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Enterprise Learning Management

│Enrollment & Registration │ Student Records │ Course & Program Mgt │


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