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10 Perilous Misconceptions of Censuring Current State Mapping & Analysis

This 18-Page White Paper Includes:

  • Current State Mapping and Analysis – The Foundation for Business Transformation
  • The 5 Essential Business Analysis Questions
  • The 10 Perilous Misconceptions of ...
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The 5 Essential Business Analysis Questions

This 8-Page White Paper Includes:

  • Deeply engage stakeholders in analysis
  • Challenge legacy business rules and requirements
  • Enable agile forward facing requirements analysis
  • Form the basis ...
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The Business Case for Professional Business Analysts

This White Paper Includes:

  • The rapidly changing business environment
  • The talent gap and on-boarding risks
  • The Inteq solution
  • What is business analysis?
  • What is an I.T. Business ...
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Lean: Getting Early Wins from BPR

This in-depth 10-page White Paper includes:

  • Lean concepts clearly explained.
  • Why apply Lean improvement concepts upfront?
  • In-depth discussion of the 7 key sources of waste.
  • Customer Value ...
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BPR-360-Framework (1)

BPR360/Framework: The Conceptual Blueprint for Business Transformation

This In-Depth 12-Page White Paper Includes:

  • Business Process Reengineering vs. Business Process Improvement
  • 6 Goals of Transformational BPR
  • 5 reasons BPR often fails to deliver transformative ...
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Crossing the Chasm from Business Chaos to Business Agility

This In-Depth 12-Page White Paper Includes:

  • Recognizing the Chasm
  • Viewing your Organization from 360º
  • The Business Process Change Continuum™
  • The 5 Waypoints from Chaos to Agility
  • ...
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The Inteq Agile/Framework: Breaking the Myth of the Iron Triangle

This In-Depth 6-Page White Paper Includes:

  • What is the Iron Triangle?
  • Agile Enterprises vs. Industry Dinosaurs
  • Breaking the myth of the Iron Triangle
  • The Iron Triangle of IT Projects
  • ...
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Customer Self-Service vs. Shifting Work? The Distinction is Crucial

This 6-Page White Paper Includes:

  • What is Customer Self-Service?
  • Balancing High Tech vs. High Touch
  • Self-Service vs. Transferring/Shifting Work
  • Internal Transfer vs. External Transfer of ...
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Top 10 Business Intelligence (BI) Requirements Analysis Questions

This In-Depth 8-Page White Paper Includes:

  • What is the difference between Big Data and BI?
  • What is the difference between a business requirement and a functional requirement?
  • What is the difference ...
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Transforming a Hero Culture

This In-Depth FIve-Page Whitepaper Includes:

  • Recognizing a Hero Culture
  • The Myth of Hero Based Work
  • Why Heroes Impeded an Organization
  • The Strategic Inflection POint
  • Stuck In Hero ...
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We are the Inteq Group

How can your organization remain agile and still respond to the challenges of the constantly changing business environment? Learn how through the strategies the Inteq Group delivers.
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Business & Systems Analysis Courses - Inteq Onsite Training

We create customized training solutions that combine content from our standard training programs to create three, four and five-day hybrid training programs to support your specific training objectives and learning requirements.
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What is Business Process Reengineering?

Watch this 7-minute video to learn some of the basics of infusing a BPR strategy into your business. Discover how you can combine your day-to-day incremental BPM changes with BPR to add more value to your business and for your customers. With a BPR ...
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The 5 Essential Business Analysis Questions

In this 20 minute webinar James Proctor, author of Mastering Business Chaos, will radically change the way you think about business and system analysis.
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The Secret Sauce for Interviewing Business Analyst & Business Systems Analyst Candidates

This 20-minute webinar led by James Proctor will provide you with the secret sauce you need to successfully conduct the interviewing section of the recruiting process. 
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Business Process Reengineering 6 Key Steps + Some Secret Sauce

This 20-minute webinar led by James Proctor will provide you with the 6 key steps of business process reengineering you need to know. 
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10 Business Process Modeling Best Practices

This 20-minute webinar led by James Proctor will provide you with 10 business process modeling best practices. 
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Women Striving in Business

How to Become Competitive, Relevant and Invaluable in Today's New Business Landscape.
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