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10 Perilous Misconceptions of Censuring Current State Mapping & Analysis

This 18-Page White Paper Includes:

  • Current State Mapping and Analysis – The Foundation for Business Transformation
  • The 5 Essential Business Analysis Questions
  • The 10 Perilous Misconceptions of Censuring Current State Mapping and Analysis
  • Key Best Practices and Perilous Traps to Avoid
  • Successful Business Transformation and Modernization

Lean: Getting Early Wins from BPR

This in-depth 10-page White Paper includes:

  • Lean concepts clearly explained.
  • Why apply Lean improvement concepts upfront?
  • In-depth discussion of the 7 key sources of waste.
  • Customer Value Added (CVA) vs. Non Value Added (NVA)
  • The four question that comprise value creation.
  • Achieving early wins with minimal time and budget.
  • Essential best practice tips in applying Lean.
  • Using Lean to improve enterprise agility.

Crossing the Chasm from Business Chaos to Business Agility

This In-Depth 12-Page White Paper Includes:

  • Recognizing the Chasm
  • Viewing your Organization from 360º
  • The Business Process Change Continuum™
  • The 5 Waypoints from Chaos to Agility
  • Locating your Position on the Continuum
  • The Transformation Process – Best Practice Tips

Modernize Enterprise Systems for Your Organization

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