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Business Process Modeling: Mapping, Metrics & Analysis

Business Process Management Course Series | IIBA-EEP-End-Course-Logo-Colour


Course Overview Video

Section 1: Framework & Key Concepts (8 Modules)

- Framework & Key Concepts

- Foundational Concepts

- E & e and Value

- Functions & Processes

- The Current State Matters

- The 3 Layers of Analysis

- The 5 Questions

- Takeaways

Section 2: Business Process Mapping (9 Modules)

Section 3: Deconstructing Work Activities (5 Modules)

Section 4: Metrics & Indicators (5 Modules)

Section 5: Analyzing Business Processes (8 Modules)

Section 6: Case Study (4 Module)

Section 7: Transition to Business Processes Reenginnering (4 Modules)

Section 8: Practical Guidance (4 Module)

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About The Instructor

James Proctor
Managing Director, The Inteq Group, Inc.

James Proctor is the Managing Director for The Inteq Group, Inc. and author of Mastering Business Chaos. He frequently lectures on business strategy, innovation and business transformation and serves on the board of commercial and non-profit organizations. Proctor is the author of Inteq’s acclaimed Business Analysis training series - reaching over 300,000 business and I.T. professionals worldwide.