Change Management Training Course

Mastering the X Factor in Business Transformation

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Change Management Training Overview

Inteq Change Management TrainingRegardless of innovative process improvement ideas, brilliantly engineered software, detailed project plans and deep executive sponsorship, business transformation initiatives (BPR, I.T. modernization, etc.) often fail to deliver the intended transformational results.

An X Factor is a variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome. Change management at the individual, team and organization level is the X Factor in the success (or failure) in business transformation initiatives.

Change management is the people side of business transformation. Change simply does not happen by itself. Change needs to be cohesively and proactively managed. Change management integrates the transition of people, processes and technology from the current “as-is” state to a continually unfolding future state.

Change management deeply engages staff, supervisors, managers and leadership across the organization at all levels of the organization resulting in achieving project objectives and the realization of desired outcomes. Change management is indeed the X Factor in successful and sustainable transformation.

Inteq’s Change Management training course is your roadmap and playbook of techniques, skills and methods - gleaned from years of experience across the spectrum of business transformation and I.T. modernization projects – enabling you to successfully transition individuals, teams and organizations from the current as-is state to desired high-performing future states.

Inteq's business analysis training courses have emerged as the gold standard for professional business analysis training - and are simply the most effective business analysis training courses available in the industry.

Inteq's Change Management Training course is more than education; its transformation - for the participants, project teams and their organizations.

That’s why over 300,000 business and systems analysis professionals worldwide choose Inteq's business analysis training courses.

Key Skills & Techniques that You Will Learn:

• Manage the people side of business transformation
• Develop a winning change management strategy
• Assess your organization’s readiness for change
• Create an effective communications plan
• Proactively manage resistance to change
• Successfully engage staff, management and leadership
• Become a high-performing agent of change
• ... and much more

Inteq's Change Management is a highly interactive high-energy training program. It’s specifically designed to enable you and your organization to succeed in today's rapidly changing, complex chaotic business environment.

The concepts and content of this course are based on years of best practices gleaned from thousands of business analysis interactions across the spectrum of industries and subject matter domains across the commercial and public sectors. It’s your roadmap for developing enterprise-level professional skills.

Participants in Inteq's Change Management training receive a comprehensive course workbook, supplemental materials, and a personalized Certificate of Completion indicating CEU (continuing education unit) credits awarded.

What is the Next Step?

Inteq's business and systems analysis training courses are available via Anytime eLearning™ and private group training onsite at your locations worldwide or via our live virtual classroom.

Register and start training as soon as today! Or, contact us for details at or 800.719.4627 to discuss your business analysis training objectives and how Inteq's Business Systems Analysis training can help you in achieving those objectives.

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