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Logical Data Modeling Badge Final

Course Group: Business Systems Analysis

Prerequisite: N/A

Logical Data Modeling

Issued By: The Inteq Group

Endorsed By: IIBA

Inteq’s Logical Data Modeling training course provides the basis for understanding the complex moving parts of an organization - its data-oriented business rules - the foundation for precision and agility in requirements analysis.

Key Skills and Concepts

  • Critical thinking skills to cut though superficial and ambiguous discussions to distill core business concepts
  • To recognize recurring patterns of data-oriented business rules to improve the quality and speed of analysis
  • Techniques that enable thorough analysis of complex business rules and validation of complex requirements
  • To create a precise, common vocabulary that is consistent among business end-users, analysts, IT professionals and other stakeholders, across the organization
  • To developed clear, precise entity-relationship (ER) diagrams that capture and specify virtually any set of data-oriented business rules
  • ... and much more

Course Outline

Introduction and Foundation Framework for E/R Diagramming Diagramming Baseline Rules and Patterns Diagramming Complex Rules and Patterns Diagramming BI Rules and Patterns Business Rule Generalization Practical Guidance and Best Practices

Graduate Received: Personalized Certificate of Completion, Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and IIBA Professional Development Units (PDUs).