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Business Systems Analysis Badge Final

Course Group: Business Systems Analysis

Prerequisite: N/A

Business Systems Analysis

Issued By: The Inteq Group

Endorsed By: IIBA

Inteq's Business Systems Analysis training course provides the critical thinking skills, conceptual knowledge and best practice techniques to rapidly discover, thoroughly analyze and accurately specify business and user requirements.

Key Skills and Concepts

  • 5 types of business requirements that form the foundation for business analysis
  • Engaging business users, subject matter experts and stakeholder in the analysis process
  • Surface “hidden” business requirements
  • Questions that elicit deep business knowledge
  • Specifying precise unambiguous business requirements
  • Analyzing business requirements from 360º
  • Identifying and validating complex business scenarios
  • Leveraging analysis resources and business knowledge across the enterprise
  • Business analysis best practice techniques
  • And much more…

Course Outline

Business Analysis Definition Identifying & Capturing Baseline Requirements Business Requirements Analysis Business Rules & Information Requirements State Transition Diagrams & Analysis Business Requirements Specification Business Requirements Management Business Analysis Definition

Graduate Received: Personalized Certificate of Completion, Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and IIBA Professional Development Units (PDUs).