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Business Process Modeling Badge Final

Course Group: Business Process Management

Prerequisite: N/A

Business Process Modeling

Issued By: The Inteq Group

Endorsed By: IIBA

Inteq’s Business Process Modeling training course provides analysts with the best practice techniques and methods to rapidly uncover and assimilate deep business knowledge; and to coherently map, accurately measure and thoroughly analyze business processes to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Key Skills and Concepts

  • Techniques to discover and capture deep business knowledge
  • A practical proven framework and roadmap for process analysis
  • Learn to identify both high-value and non-productive work activities
  • Elicitation techniques and business questions that challenge legacy business rules
  • Learn to identify and analyze forward-facing business requirements across the enterprise
  • Learn to identify and apply metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Techniques to analyze cross-functional hand-offs
  • Learn to identify silos and sources of sub-optimization
  • Learn to identify process gaps and perform root cause analysis
  • Tactics to identify and analyze opportunities for improving business processes
  • ... and much more

Course Outline

Business Process Modeling Business Rules & Requirements Business Processes Mapping Business Processes Measurement Business Processes Analysis Business Process Modeling Case Study Business Process Modeling Best Practices

Graduate Received: Personalized Certificate of Completion, Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and IIBA Professional Development Units (PDUs).