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System Analyst Training

Business Transformation Specialists

The Inteq Group is uniquely qualified to assist your organization.

Inteq Services and Capabilities

The Inteq Group is uniquely qualified to assist your organization with the challenges in today’s rapidly changing business environment through strategy execution, business process re-engineering, and IT modernization.

High-performing business and IT professionals ready to assist your organization in building world-class business processes and modernize enterprise systems.

We provide multiple options for your professional development from on-site trainings to virtual classrooms to Anytime eLearning at your own pace.

Tools & Methods
Inteq’s Frameworks have been developed and refined over years of experience from numerous business and systems analysis projects across the spectrum of industries around the world. These frameworks are the foundation of our consulting services, training programs, and technical services.


Strategy Execution | Business Process
Reengineering | IT Modernization


Inteq Consulting Services and Capabilities


Inteq IT Staffing Services and Capabilities


Training Courses Designed for Busy I.T. and Business Professionals

Tools & Methods

Tools, Techniques & Methods

We Offer High Value Consulting Service

Business Process Reengineering

Business Analysis

Inteq's Business Systems Analysis is a highly interactive high-energy training program. It’s specifically designed to enable you and your organization to succeed in today's rapidly changing, complex chaotic business environment.
Business Process Reengineering


Inteq’s integrated series of business analysis training courses provide the full range of professional level business analysis skills, concepts and methods – enabling you to choose the courses that are right for you based on your background and experience.
Business Process Reengineering


Regardless of innovative process improvement ideas, brilliantly engineered software, detailed project plans and deep executive sponsorship, business transformation initiatives (BPR, I.T. modernization, etc.) often fail to deliver the intended transformational results.
Business Process Reengineering

Business Process

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) results in trans-formative change. However, trans-formative BPR is complex and has many interrelated moving parts. Inteq’s team of highly experienced BPR professionals hit the ground running and produce actionable sustainable results quickly.
Business Process Reengineering

IT Modernization

Inteq's BPR360/Framework™, MoDA/Framework™ and Agile/Framework™ form a cohesive, integrated body of knowledge that provide the blueprint, toolkit and roadmap for business process reengineering, business requirements and modernization, and business transformation.
Business Process Reengineering

Strategy Execution

However, great talent alone - without access to best practice tools, techniques, and methods – is significantly less efficient and often results in substantial variation in the quality of outcomes and associated deliverables.
Business Analyst Continuing Education and Certification Courses for System Analyst