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High-performing business and IT professionals ready to assist your organization in building world-class business processes and modernize enterprise systems.

Today’s rapidly changing business environment favors high-performing agile organizations capable of delivering extraordinary customer and business value.

The Inteq Group is uniquely qualified to assist your organization with this challenge.

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Internal talent development pipelines often cannot keep pace with the increasing needs for professional business analysts and technical professionals. The resulting talent gap often results in deferring important projects, slower delivery schedules or compromised quality of the deliverables.

Additionally, the skills and competencies of business and I.T. professionals vary greatly - ranging from order-takers that merely capture subject matter expert (SME) and stakeholder wishes and gripes - to professional analysts and technical professionals that fully engage SMEs. The difference is critical to successful outcomes.

We have over 20 years of experience recruiting and developing business and systems analysts and technical professionals with the critical thinking skills, experience and best practices to fully engage SMEs and stakeholders to rapidly comprehend, thoroughly analyze, clearly specify and rapidly execute complex requirements.

Inteq is uniquely qualified to leverage this experience and industry presence to bridge the talent gap to provide professional staffing services to support today’s agile, fast-paced, increasingly complex environment.

What is The Next Step?

Contact us at info@inteqgroup.com, 800.719.4627 or click below and let’s discuss your staffing requirements in more detail. We can develop a plan that is flexible, cost-effective and provides the professional talent that you need on-demand, as-needed, when-needed.
I am Looking for Talent I am Talented and Looking

Inteq IT Staffing Services and Capabilities

  • Business Process Analysts
  • Business Systems Analysts
  • Business Data Modelers
  • Data Architects
  • Data Scientists
  • .Net Developers
  • SF Developers
  • Mobile App Developers

What is the difference between Staffing and Consulting?

Same great high preforming professionals - the difference is the engagement model.

The Staffing model is utilized for assignments to augment your existing team with highly talented contractors under the direction and guidance of your team leaders and project managers.

The Consulting model is utilized for engagements that have specific deliverables and/or outcomes based on a statement of work – typically utilizing Inteq’s techniques and methods.

Download a White Paper

The Business Case for
Professional Business Analysts

The Business Case for Professional Business Analysts

This Whitepaper Includes:

• The rapidly changing business environment
• The talent gap and on- boarding risks
• The Inteq solution
• What is business analysis?
• What is an I.T. business analyst?
• Professional business analysts vs. order takers

The Business Case for Professional Business Analysts

The Five Essential Business Analysis Questions

Business Analyst Questions Inteq Nov2013

This in-depth 8 page whitepaper presents the five essential business analysis questions that:

• Deeply engage stakeholders in analysis
• Challenge legacy business rules and requirements
• Enable agile forward facing requirements analysis
• Form the basis for effective change management
• Applies critical thinking to business analysis
• Result in consistent analysis across the organization
Download The Five Essential Business Analysis Questions Whitepaper