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Prioritizing Strategic Initiatives Workshop Overview

Aligning Strategic Initiatives with Strategic Objectives


An initiative is “a new plan or action to improve something or solve a problem” [Cambridge Business English dictionary]. All organizations have numerous initiatives in-progress, in the pipeline waiting for approval and on the drawing board for deeper analysis. Most of the initiatives in-progress and in the pipeline are supported by a strong business case and a justifiable ROI.

Frequently lacking, however, is the relationship between initiatives and strategic objectives. Initiatives that do not have a clear relationship to one or more strategic objectives, regardless of the business case, are untethered from the organization’s strategic plan.

Download a PDF of the Course Overview and Outline
Who Should Attend?

Participants from Strategy Execution Workshop Part 2 (Closing Strategic Gaps) plus any additional stakeholders that can provide additional insight into the strategic initiatives that support the strategic objectives.

Strategy Execution Workshop Part 2 (STX2).

Key Activities and Deliverables

In Part 3 (STX3) of the workshop participants work together with the facilitators to:

1) Do a deeper dive into the strategic initiatives identified in Part 2 (STX2) of the workshop to analyze and validate the strength of alignment of the initiatives to strategic objectives; and

2) Prioritize the strategic initiatives based on strategic factors and criteria. The prioritization of strategic initiatives is essential to integrating short-term incremental operational improvement initiatives and longer-term strategic operational initiatives in Part 4 (STX4) of the Workshop.



Approximately 30 minutes on individual prework by each participant prior to the main session.

Main Session:

Approximately 5-hours live (onsite or virtual) interactive hands-on facilitation by strategy execution experts tailored to your organization.

Post Session:

Approximately 90-minutes of live virtual post session facilitation to review the take-aways and evolve the deliverables from the main session.

Prioritizing Strategic Objectives Badge Final

What's Included

  • Digital Badge of Completion
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • IIBA Professional Development Units (PDUs)
  • Electronic Comprehensive Course Manual
  • Supplemental Course Materials
Download a PDF of the Course Overview and Outline

What is the Next Step?

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