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IT Modernization & ITSM/ITIL

Strategy, Planning and Implementation

IT Modernization

IT Modernization represents transformative changes in your organizations:

  • Technology (software, hardware, networks, data, etc.),
  • IT staff capabilities and processes, and
  • IT structure and culture (agile, lean, customer-focused, etc.).

In other words, IT Modernization is strategic, not simply tactical. The distinction is important. Tactical changes are incremental and support your current business model and strategies.

Strategic changes are transformative and enable new and reengineered business processes that support continually evolving business strategy.

IT Service Management (ITSM) and ITIL

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a key component of IT Modernization. ITSM is a cohesive approach to designing, delivering and supporting IT services. ITSM represents cultural and structural transformation.

ITSM shifts the view of IT as a technology provider to IT as an essential business partner delivering high-quality services. Additionally, ITSM focuses on the continual improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency in providing those services.

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is the predominant body of knowledge and approach to ITSM. ITIL is a descriptive, not proscriptive, framework and set of ITSM best practices.

In other words, Inteq can assist your organization in tailoring and implementing ITIL processes and practices in a sequence and at a scale and pace that "fits" your organization's unique business needs, requirements, and constraints.

Inteq's IT Modernization and ITSM/ITILConsulting Services

IT leadership and management are aware - often acutely aware - that legacy infrastructure, incumbent systems, and internal IT processes are not sufficiently sophisticated, agile and scalable to support continually evolving business strategies.

We also understand that IT leadership and management is continually balancing time, staff and budget constraints to meet customer and user needs, the evolving demands of the organization, and mobilization of staff to meet day-to-day firefights. 

Inteq's team of highly experienced IT Modernization and ITSM/ITIL consultants combined with Inteq's proven best-practice techniques and methods enable your organization to Modernize IT and implement ITSM/ITIL while balancing constraints to meet current demands.

Let's start a conversation about IT Modernization and ITSM/ITIL in your organization.

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