InteqApps™ is the next generation platform for rapidly developing and deploying cloud-based application software solutions, with enterprise class sophistication, to support unique, complex and rapidly changing business requirements.

Inteq AppsInteqApps™ cloud basedapplicationdevelopment is
the perfect solution for:
•Organizations withunique,complex and rapidly changing
business requirements; and
• The requirements are not adequately supported by vendor
commercial solutions; and
• In-house development is not the preferred or not a viable
option; where
• Speed of delivery, quality of the outcome and budget
constraints matter.

Traditional custom application solutions typically require 6-12+ months – and still only deliver constrained “get-it-done” class functionality (difficult to use, marginally acceptable functionality, maintenance intensive, etc.)that often failsto meet key business needs and user expectations.

The InteqApps™ cloud basedapplicationdevelopment framework (development approach, software component library, cloud baseddelivery platform) enables us to work closely with your SMEs, analysts, technical team and other stakeholders to rapidly develop and deliver extremely high-quality cloud-based custom application software solutions (typically in8-16 weeks) – with enterprise class sophistication (extensible, scalable, adaptable and interoperable).

How do we do it?

We apply our acclaimed model driven analysis approach (Inteq’s MoDA/Framework™) to rapidly analyze your business requirements (business process activities and workflow) to identify and define business and user functional requirements.

In parallel, we leverage our library of hundreds of application software components (prebuilt business functionality - see partial list below) and our cloud baseddelivery platform (architecture, security, infrastructure, etc.) to provide a solid foundation for a custom applicationsoftware solution.

InteqApps CloudComponents

Think of the InteqApps™ cloud based application software components as a set of configurable Lego® building blocks. Each component represents a cohesive unit of functionality that comprehends an abstracted pattern of business rules, processing logic and data structures that seamlessly integrate with the other components.

The InteqApps™ cloud based application software components can be rapidly assembled and configured into infinite combinations of application software functionality.

We rapidly extend the foundation to support your unique business rules and requirements to deliver an enterprise class custom application software solution - immediately deployable within your hosting infrastructure or commercial environments such as Amazon's EC2.

And, one more concept -

InteqApps™ cloud based application software development solutions are in your control. Your organization has complete access to the code base to modify and revise the code to support your changing business requirements.

Your organization controls the destiny of InteqApps™ cloud based application software development solutions and is not held captive to expensive vendor seat licensing agreements and the cost (and timing) of vendor modifications.

What is the Next Step?


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We look forward to discussing your business requirements, InteqApps™ cloud based application software development options and to provide a live demo of the InteqApps™ platform and software components.