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The Southwest Airlines Scheduling System Meltdown

3-Part Webinar | Crowdsourcing Requirements for a Crew Scheduling System

3-Part Webinar

I just wrapped up the live 3-part webinar. The recorded version is now available.


This is an excellent learning opportunity focused on the critical thinking associated with complex requirements.


The outputs of this initiative such as a conceptual data model, transactional and analytical requirements, and critical scenarios, while not intended to yield a complete professional level set of requirements, certainly provide an excellent starting point for deeper analysis.

Please Join James Proctor

Please join James Proctor (see below) for the complimentary recorded version of this exciting and informative 3-part webinar. The outputs created during the webinar are provided to all participants.
Please click below to watch.

Part 1: Identify and Analyze Data Oriented Business Rules and Develop a Basic Conceptual Data Model to Support Crew Scheduling

Part 2: Identify and Analyze Key Transactional and Business Data Analytic Requirements to Support Crew Scheduling

Part 3: Identify and Run Critical Scenarios to Validate the Requirements to Support Crew Scheduling

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The Backstory

In my recent blog post, except below, I mentioned that I am a big fan of Southwest Airlines (SWA) and fly SWA frequently. However, it appears that SWA dropped the ball big-time in connection with the storms of late December / early January resulting in thousands of cancelled flights, egregiously late departures and arrivals, missed connections and stranding thousands of passengers across SWA’s flight network.

Normally I would attribute this to the weather. However, after reading numerous articles it appears weather was the proximate cause, but the root cause appears to be SWA’s dated crew scheduling processes and an antiquated Crew Scheduling System.

For those of you that also Luv SWA and/or are interested and intrigued by the complexity of the business requirements that enable effective, efficient, agile management of crew scheduling, let’s come together and crowd source some starter requirements to help SWA modernize their Crew Scheduling System.

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About The Host

James Proctor
Managing Director, The Inteq Group, Inc.

James Proctor is the Managing Director for The Inteq Group, Inc., and author of Mastering Business Chaos. He frequently lectures on business strategy, innovation and business transformation and serves on the board of commercial and non-profit organizations. Proctor is the author of Inteq’s acclaimed Business Analysis training series - reaching over 300,000 business and I.T. professionals worldwide.