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Business Transformation Specialists

Strategy Execution | Business Process Reengineering | IT Modernization

Management Consulting Services

High-performing business and IT professionals ready to assist your organization in building world-class business processes and modernize enterprise systems.

Today’s rapidly changing business environment favors high-performing agile organizations capable of delivering extraordinary customer and business value.

The Inteq Group is uniquely qualified to assist your organization with this challenge.
Change is essential for organizations to adapt and thrive in today’s rapidly changing, increasingly regulated and globally competitive business environment.

Transformational change requires new ways of thinking – doing new things in new ways - to achieve break-through results in organizational effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Transformational change disrupts (rather than incrementally changes) existing business processes - workflow, roles, business policies and procedures, supporting technology and underlying business rules.

Transformation initiatives - Strategy Execution, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and IT Modernization - are complex and have many interrelated moving parts. Inteq’s team of highly experienced professionals hit the ground running and produce actionable sustainable results quickly.

Inteq brings a cohesive proven approach to business transformation through the application of our best practice frameworks, techniques and methods – as well as deep business knowledge, experience, expertise and thought leadership.

Our cohesive best practice approach combined with over 20 years of business transformation experience ensures that changes in business processes, supporting technologies and organizational culture come together synergistically to deliver rapid, on-going and sustainable results.

What is The Next Step?

Contact us at info@inteqgroup.com or 800.719.4627 and let’s discuss your objectives and requirements in more detail.

Inteq Consulting Services and Capabilities

  • Strategy Execution
  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
  • IT Modernization

What is the difference between Consulting and Staffing?

Same great high preforming professionals - the difference is the engagement model.

The Consulting model is utilized for engagements that have specific deliverables and/or outcomes based on a statement of work – typically utilizing Inteq’s techniques and methods.

The Staffing model is utilized for assignments to augment your existing team with highly talented contractors under the direction and guidance of your team leaders and project managers.

Download a White Paper

The Inteq Agile/Framework™
Breaking the Myth of the Iron Triangle

Agile Business Analysis Breaking the Iron Triangle Myth

This In-Depth Six-Page Whitepaper Includes:

• Agile Enterprises vs. Industry Dinosaurs
• Breaking the myth of the Iron Triangle
• The Iron Triangle of IT projects
• Creating customer and business value
• Improving enterprise agility
• Agile Business Requirements Analysis
Download the Whitepaper as a PDF

Inteq's BPR360/Framework™
The Blueprint for Business Transformation

BPR360 Framework Whitepaper

This In-Depth 12-Page White Paper Includes:

• Business Process Reengineering  vs. Business Process
• 6 Goals of Transformational BPR
• 5 reasons BPR often fails to deliver transformative and
  sustainable change
• The moving parts of BPR: people, processes and technology
• The 3 layers of BPR: tactical, operational and strategic
• 10 changes in the business environment that require
   transformational BPR
• The steps in moving forward with BPR
Download: Inteq's BPR360/Framework - The Blueprint for Business Transformation

Transforming a Hero Culture

Transforming a Hero Culture

This In-Depth Five-Page Whitepaper Includes:

• Recognizing a Hero Culture
• The Myth of Hero Based Work
• Why Heroes Impede an Organization
• The Strategic Inflection Point
• Stuck in a Hero Culture?
• Transforming a Hero Culture
• Creating Scalable Agile Business Process
• Embracing Heroes to Optimize Enterprise Value

Download the Whitepaper as a PDF