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Business Process Reengineering
Training Course Outline

Introduction and Foundation
• Engaging the Process from 360°
• The Six Objectives of Transformational BPR
• Process Reengineering vs. Improvement
• Five Key Situations to Apply BPR
• BPR Critical Success Factors
• Moving Forward with BPR

Reengineering the Tactical Layer
• Silos and Cross Functional Handoffs
• Horizontal Realignment of Work Activities
• Effective Work Shifting
• Customer (Internal and External) Self Service
• Parallel Processing
• Activity Consolidation
• Eliminating / Minimizing Inspections
• Mistake Proof Activities
• While There Processing
• Process Triage and Multiple Processes
• Tactical Layer Technology Enablers

Reengineering the Operational Layer
• Case Managers and Concierges
• Decision Making and Delegated Authority
• Deemed Approved Loops
• Eliminating / Minimizing Reviews and Approvals
• Vertical Realignment of Work Activities
• Supervision vs. Facilitation
• Proactive Operations
• The Value of Deep Business Relationships
• Rules v. Guidance
• Operational Layer Technology Enablers

Reengineering the Strategic Layer
• COEs / Shared Services vs. Decentralization
• Cross Enterprise Value Stream Analysis
• Balancing Effectiveness and Efficiency
• Outsourcing vs. In-Sourcing
• Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Process
• Rewards, Incentives, Recognition and Compensation
• Risk Based Decision Making
• Time Box and the Cost of Quality
• Global vs. Local Standardization of Best Practices
• Strategic Layer Technology Enablers

Putting It All Together - Process Reengineering Case Study
Participants reengineer a real-world business process case. This case study provides an invaluable template that participants can leverage to jump start transformational reengineering in their organization.

Building BPR Business Cases
• Business Value Drivers
• Cost Analysis
• Risk Analysis
• Sponsorship and Validation

Practical Guidance
• Implementation Considerations and Best Practices
• Managing Change and Validating Improvement
• Process Change Sustainability
• Getting started Monday Morning


Business Process Reengineering Training Course 

Delivering Sustainable Cross-Enterprise Transformation

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Inteq's Business Process Reengineering Training Course
Overview & Outline


Business Process Reengineering Training Course Overview


When your organization is ready for transformational change - Inteq’s Business Process Reengineering training course is the place to start.

Incremental improvement is successful in departmental and cross-departmental initiatives that have specific tactical objectives (e.g. Streamline the Handoff from Sales to Customer Billing).

Incremental business process improvement, however, does not fundamentally change end-to-end business processes.

For many organizations, transformational change is essential to surviving and thriving in today’s rapidly changing, increasingly regulated and globally competitive business environment.

Business process reengineering disrupts existing business process - workflow, people/roles, business policies and procedures, supporting technology and underlying business rules.

Business process reengineering requires new ways of thinking – doing new things in new ways.

Sounds great! Reengineering, however, is substantially much more complex than incremental business process improvement.

Inteq’s Business Process Reengineering training course provides the critical thinking skills, conceptual knowledge and best practice techniques that enables your team to deliver sustainable transformation of business processes across your organization.

Inteq's Business Process Reengineering training course has emerged as the gold standard for professional business systems analysis training - and are simply the most effective training programs available in the industry.

Inteq's Business Analysis training is more than education; its transformation - for the participants, project teams and their organizations.

That’s why over 300,000 business and IT professionals worldwide choose Inteq's Business Analysis training programs - including Inteq Business Process Reengineering training course.

Who Should Attend?

Business Professionals, Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, Project Managers, IT Professionals, Subject Matter Experts and Business Users engaged in business process reengineering.


Inteq's Business Process Management training course.

Learning Options:

• Traditional classroom training (2-Days)*
• Virtual classroom eLearning (3-Sessions)*
• On-site at Your Location

* All learning options are instructor lead and conducted live based on Inteq’s acclaimed MoDA/SMART™ training method. Traditional classroom and virtual classroom training programs are conducted via three five-hour sessions over three-days.  On-site training programs are conducted over two consecutive full days.

You will learn:

• How to analyze business processes from 360° – The tactical, operational and strategic perspectives
• A proven best-practice method to achieve sustainable transformation
• To apply a sophisticated toolkit of specific, proven, high impact improvement tactics
• To develop compelling business-value driven business cases for change
• To ensure the results are integrated into corporate culture and sustainable over time

Program participants receive a comprehensive course workbook, supplemental materials, and a personalized Certificate of Completion indicating CEU (continuing education unit) credits awarded.

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Inteq training programs - including Inteq's Business Process Reengineering training course are available for open enrollment via our live eLearning virtual classroom and traditional classroom and on-site at your locations – worldwide.

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